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Ulvila belongs to the State Province of Western Finland, to the Region of Pori, and the Subregion of Pori, within.

The town of Ulvila is situated on the bank of Kokemäenjoki, in the very adjacent neighbourhood of Pori. Ulvila is known for its glorious and long history. Already in the Middle Ages Ulvila had been an important trade place for Hansa tradesmen. Ulvila's Royal Charter dates back to the year of 1365, although Ulvila is referred to as town in some documents even earlier. In fact, Ulvila is - in addition to Turku and Porvoo - one of the oldest towns of Finland. Ulvila's most precious historic sight, the stone church, which is still a centre of vivid congregation life, originates from the Middle Ages. The ruins of another, even older, church can still be seen at the site of ancient monuments in Liikistö.

Ulvila's medieval town used to be situated in the very adjacent area surrounding the contemporary church. On both banks of the Kokemäenjoki the densely populated centre of Ulvila is formed by the town districts Friitala and Vanhakylä, on the northern and southern side of the river, Kokemäenjoki. Industrial and commercial service provision is concentrated in Friitala. The world-famous leather enterprise Friitala Fashion Ltd carries on with the leatherwear manufacturing tradition. The renovated factory site and the Leather Museum of Friitala opened within the factory building is a tourist attraction factor. Ulvila is also well known for its several high-tech enterprises. Administrational service provision is concentrated in the area of Vanhakylä. Ulvila's Town Hall extended in the year of 1992 is a fascinating architectural sight to be seen. The cosy, traditional village communities with the marvellous cultural landscapes are town districts Kaasmarkku and Harjunpää.

Distances to the:

nearest town: Pori 9 km
centremost town of the region: Pori 9 km
administrational centre of the state province: Turku 140 km
capital of the country: Helsinki 240 km
nearest airport with regular flights, in Pori: 7 km
nearest civic airport, in Pori: 7 km
sea harbour Mäntyluoto: 28 km
railway station in Pori: 7 km

Surface Areas:

Total Area: 422.35 km2, of which
- land surface area: 401.67 km2
- water surface area: 20.68 km2

Population: 13934 (December 31st, 2004)


Agriculture and Forestry: 3.5 %
Processing Industries: 34.0 %
Service Provision: 61.0 %

Income Tax Rate: 18.0 %
Annual Municipal Income: 3.3 million euros (in the year of 2003)
Loan burden per capita: 339 euros (in the year of 2003)
Partner towns abroad: Ljusdal (in Sweden) and Suure-Jaani (in Estonia)

translated from Finnish to English by Volford Péter

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